Course Opening!

Over the past two months, Anna and I worked to create a class on Udemy to cover the fundamentals of film. In the course is everything from picking your camera and film stock to developing to scanning and sharing. When we first began our film journey (together, at least), we agreed that a basics class... Continue Reading →

The Epson Perfection V850 Pro using SilverFast ai 9

Well, here we are. I made a big scanner purchase. BIG! This scanner came in, after tax, at $1,200! This is definitely NOT an entry level machine and will require some prior knowledge or some on the fly learning. Can you guess which we fell under? HEHE. After some anxiety wrenching torture of installs, and... Continue Reading →

An Experiment in Eco-Friendly Developing

Disclaimer: This is not so much a lesson, as a journal entry in our film developing process. It was the first time we developed using household chemicals, so there's much for us to learn. Still, it is hoped that you gain something from this. Special thanks to Daniel Keating for sending this starter kit. -Nick... Continue Reading →

My New Favorite, 120mm Film

I have only ever worked with 35mm film and, aside from various sizes of polaroid films, this has been the only film size I have known. As we have been finding older cameras that take 620 film (which is no longer in production), I found that you can use medium format 120 film (Ilford PANF... Continue Reading →

Why Film?

This is film and this is why you should do it! Currently we shoot 35mm film. Film is a thin piece of plastic that is coated with silver halide crystals and gelatin. We can get into the science at another time but that is the quick description of what film actually is. The image to... Continue Reading →

Hello Post

Welcome to Between 2 Lenses: a collaboration between two people! Two perspectives, really! Each of us (Anna and Nick) bring a unique viewpoint to this endeavor. We want to share, in our own way, what we've learned from film photography. If you were to search film photography on YouTube, which we imagine you have, you'd... Continue Reading →

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