Nick is a freelance videographer in Maine. He really got started with photography when he met Anna. Nick started with digital, but after buying his first camera (a Pentax SuperME), he became interested in film. Analog photography forces you to think through before depressing the shutter release. Nick finds the process of creating composition relaxing. Film forces you to be patient and thoughtful before snapping the message to share with the world. What is the message you hope to share?

Anna is a wandering soul that has found herself calling Maine home. She studied film photography in high school on the West Coast. She grew up in a time where film and digital photography were alive at the same time. She loves the classic timelessness that film offers. She loves the ritual of film and all the thought that has to be put into taking a shot. It takes time, knowledge, and love and these are part of what makes anything in life great!

Nick and Anna came together in this timeless hobby when Nick bought his first film camera in the spring of 2020. With there being no ‘easy’ (and certainly no cheap) way to develop in these modern days, Anna shared her knowledge of negative developing. From there, they both found a love for film that they could develop together at home.

One of the first images (Pentax SuperME, developed with Cinestill DF96 Monobath)

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