Course Opening!

Over the past two months, Anna and I worked to create a class on Udemy to cover the fundamentals of film. In the course is everything from picking your camera and film stock to developing to scanning and sharing. When we first began our film journey (together, at least), we agreed that a basics class would hopefully benefit others. We want to share our own perspectives, tips, and tricks.

Udemy offers a Boot Camp that aims to help you publish your first course in 45 days. Publish by the 45th day and they offer to freely promote your class. If you’re interested in such a program, we recommend it. Udemy does great sending weekly emails that guide you along the way. It was a great help and motivator.

Our course covers the essentials, but we’re hoping to create future courses that go into depth on certain aspects of film photography. If you have any thoughts, requests, or recommendations, let us know.

Curious about film photography? Check out our class! We are offering our class for $12.99 in the initial 5 days. The usual price is $24.99. We hope that you’ll enjoy learning about how to get started in film photography.

Follow this link.


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