iPhone 12 Pro versus Canon EOS 650

Below are the photos we took with the iPhone 12 pro and the Canon EOS 650. We both shot in auto mode with the exception of me switching the phone into mono mode. I shot in 2X mode and the lens on the Canon was a 50mm lens. The only editing that was done on the photos was making sure the 35mm film pictures were completely desaturated from their digital scanning. Aside from the obvious landscape and portrait oopsies, can you tell the difference? Can you tell which is which? I think film has its trademark film feel. So, for me, it was easy to see the difference. Scroll through these and see if you can tell which is which?

The photos that are side by side: iPhone photos on left and Canon on the right.

The photos that are stacked: iPhone photos on top and Canon on the bottom.

Were you able to tell which was which? I think the difference is clear. On some of the photos I preferred the iPhone and others the Canon, for the most part though I liked both of the images. I felt each gave a different feel to the scene. The clear differences being with the contrast and depth of field. The iPhone 12 Pro had higher contrast and clearly illustrated light and dark. Meanwhile, the Canon had less contrast and seemed flat compared to what the iPhone looked like. However, the Canon’s shallow depth of field defined an area of focus while all elements in the iPhone photos were in focus.


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