2021 Canon EOS 650 Review

The Canon EOS 650 was the first camera in the EOS line and used the EF lens mount. It’s also the first SLR with an LCD interface I received. I say that because it was a gift (again: one of the best ways to lower the costs of film photography). After I was given the camera, I waited for a while as I searched for the 2CR5 battery that it takes. I checked specialty battery shops where the price was either $10 for one battery or $2 plus $30 shipping. Amazon turned out the best option: $15 for three of the 2CR5.

After the package of batteries was dropped off, it didn’t take me long to put a roll in the camera and start shooting. Here is a short video about this camera that I put together, which explains a few of the essentials behind the 650.

One thing I really enjoyed was the option to shoot in Continuous mode. This creates three pictures/second. This allowed me to somewhat capture the new kitten’s play. I have begun to think of creating stop motion videos with this camera. The Continuous mode offers a lot of options to capture action.

The following images are unedited and captured using FilmBox. The quality of the pictures are reliant on the camera from my iPhone XR (so, not horrible). The negatives are in the huge stack to be scanned and edited soon.

Even with the FilmBox quality, these images come out more crisp. I really liked the first picture of my brother, Will, holding his water glass up in front of him. Anna and I played with cups of water previously. This picture of Will came out very clear with a shallow depth of field. If I were to take the shot again, I think I would have increased the highlights and gotten closer than a 50mm lens.

However, I like shooting portraits with my 28mm to 50mm lenses. I haven’t played with larger sizes (85mm, 100mm, 200mm) much, but I love the 50mm on this Canon EOS 650. The last two images overlook the Schiller Coastal Studies Center in Harpswell, ME. It was a beautiful, albeit cold hike. The snow on the ground had turned to slippery ice, but Will only fell once. In any case, it was a great time to take some pictures with the new 650. Can’t wait to develop a roll of color film!


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