My New Favorite, 120mm Film

I have only ever worked with 35mm film and, aside from various sizes of polaroid films, this has been the only film size I have known. As we have been finding older cameras that take 620 film (which is no longer in production), I found that you can use medium format 120 film (Ilford PANF Plus) on these cameras. I will admit that I was not sure I would care for the format.

120mm 50 iso film

I wanted to test out a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye and a Holga 120 WPC Panoramic Pin Hole Camera Wide Format camera, both of which take 120 film. My first attempt using the Brownie Hawkeye was a failure but only for my lack of exposure on the shots. A few of the shots were just barely visible and at that moment I fell in love.

All I wanted was more of this format and a camera that I could take pictures with it. My second attempt on the Brownie gave much better results but with it being a little point and shoot it was lacking the sharp focus I was craving from the pictures. The Holga ended up giving me images to swoon over. I loved the panoramic medium format images that were created using these two together. The tonal differences and lack of distortion from the smaller frame made me love this format.

I also ended up loving how there were only 6 to 12 shots; this forced me to really think about my composition and what I REALLY wanted to capture. These first couple of rolls were to test cameras, but now I want to take this film to new heights with my imagination. I want to play with the pinhole camera and create some truly unique scenes as well as to find another medium format camera that will take crisply focused images.


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