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Welcome to Between 2 Lenses: a collaboration between two people! Two perspectives, really! Each of us (Anna and Nick) bring a unique viewpoint to this endeavor. We want to share, in our own way, what we’ve learned from film photography. If you were to search film photography on YouTube, which we imagine you have, you’d find several influential people (Matt Day, Jason Kummerfeldt, and Willem Verbeeck to name a few) these days, but there’s always room for more perspectives.

We will be posting new content every Sunday!


Two new perspectives: one of a complete newbie to photography (Nick) and one who has been engaged with it for years (Anna). Nick still doesn’t fully grasp the differences in lenses, but he’s still starting his journey. Each time the shutter release is depressed, a new image is formed in the silver halide crystals of the film. Each image is a story, a unique one of a kind. It isn’t one in a range of quickly digitally produced images. Not to throw shade at digital photography (we love that too), but film photography creates individually exclusive images. Film forces you to carefully choose the composition and, in doing so, helps you see places in new ways. Take a look at your own town. Really look around. Can you spot something you haven’t seen before? A sign? Spray paint? A path? Working with film will offer new vantage points from which to see the world around you.


The purpose of this site is to offer our own thoughts and advice to the pot. As previously mentioned, there are thousands of film photographers out there, but everyone has something special to offer. Whether you are beginning your interest in film or currently getting paid for your work, all advice is crucial to at least hear. We hope to offer a safe environment to discuss the art as well as the science of film photography. In the near future, we’ll be designing an online course that will go over the absolute essentials for getting started in analog photography: camera anatomy, film choice, and developing methods.

If you’re interested in supporting our own film adventures or valued some of our thoughts, feel free to contribute to our PayPal. The funds will go towards new gear and, of course, more content.

Thank you.

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