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Welcome to Between 2 Lenses: a collaboration between two people! Two perspectives, really! Each of us (Anna and Nick) bring a unique viewpoint to this endeavor. We want to share, in our own way, what we've learned from film photography. If you were to search film photography on YouTube, which we imagine you have, you'd... Continue Reading →

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Kelley and Marty

Engagement Shoot We took Nick's cousin, Kelley, and fiancé, Marty, to Vaughan's Woods in Hallowell on a Sunday morning for their engagement photos. Nick felt like a clumsy tourist with his GoPro, Polaroid, film Canon, and Nikon D60 cameras. Anna brought here trusty Pentax 645 and Nikon D3300. Poses vs. Natural Look One thing we... Continue Reading →

Garry Winogrand pt. 2 (COVID-Edition)

It's been a while since I last wrote about Garry Winogrand, but I wanted to share a brief update on my attempt at emulating him. Garry was known for nearly shooting from the hip. Nearly. He brought the camera up and quickly snapped his pictures. It didn't even seem like he had time to focus,... Continue Reading →

Course Opening!

Over the past two months, Anna and I worked to create a class on Udemy to cover the fundamentals of film. In the course is everything from picking your camera and film stock to developing to scanning and sharing. When we first began our film journey (together, at least), we agreed that a basics class... Continue Reading →

An Experiment in Eco-Friendly Developing

Disclaimer: This is not so much a lesson, as a journal entry in our film developing process. It was the first time we developed using household chemicals, so there's much for us to learn. Still, it is hoped that you gain something from this. Special thanks to Daniel Keating for sending this starter kit. -Nick... Continue Reading →

2021 Canon EOS 650 Review

The Canon EOS 650 was the first camera in the EOS line and used the EF lens mount. It's also the first SLR with an LCD interface I received. I say that because it was a gift (again: one of the best ways to lower the costs of film photography). After I was given the... Continue Reading →

THE Pentax 645!

This beauty is the Pentax 645! Created as an entry level camera for wedding photographers, it is a medium format single-lens reflex system camera. It was introduced in 1984, along with a complementary line of lenses. It captures images nominally 6 cm × 4.5 cm (hence the Pentax 645!) on 120, 220, and 70 mm... Continue Reading →

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